Thursday, September 5, 2013

Academic Toolbox: Add / Drop Dates

Full Term Course1st Session2nd SessionICCOC Online Courses
16-week Session1st 8-week Session2nd 8-week Session
Start - End Date:Aug 27-Dec 20Aug 27-Oct 22Oct 23-Dec 20Aug 26-Dec 13Aug 26-Oct 18Oct 21-Dec 13
Last day to add September 6September 5November 1August 29August 27October 22
Last day to drop November 20October 7December 9November 13October 7December 4
Last day to initiate a Complete Withdrawal December 12 December 12
Refund on course drops:
Last day full refundSeptember 3August 30October 28September 3August 30October 25
Last day 60% refundSeptember 10September 3October 30September 9September 3October 30
Last day 40% refundSeptember 17September 5November 1September 16September 5November 3
This calendar is subject to change. Ed to Go and other special course schedules differ; beginning dates and refund dates vary. Some exceptions are noted above under the Calendar.
Fast Track course drops are cancelled with refund only before second class meeting starts. No partial refunds are granted on Fast Tracks.
A student who registers but later is unable to attend must notify the college before the last date to cancel the course(s) or program to avoid charges and/or grades.

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