Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Academic Toolbox: It's okay to laugh, even during Midterms

Happy Midterm Week!  Enjoy the comics as a little de-stressor.  For more of these comics visit www.undeclaredcomics.com.


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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Academic Tool Box: To drop, or not to drop?


Every year about this time I hear students talk about dropping courses.  As an advisor, I want you to have a successful college career and complete the goals you have set for yourself.  Dropping a course is a big decision—one that could have consequences beyond the “W” on your transcript.  Here are some things to consider before you make a final decision to drop:

1)      What happens when I drop a course?  It depends on the time in the semester when you drop.  Right now, dropping a full-semester course will result in a “W” on your transcript.  A “W” means you withdrew from the course.  It does not affect your GPA. 

2)      Why am I dropping?  If you cannot honestly answer this question, you might not be making the right decision. 

3)      Talk to your advisor / instructor.  Your advisor will help you understand how dropping a course will affect completing your degree, and the classes you take next semester.  He or she may offer alternatives to dropping the course. You should know all of your options before you decide to drop.   Also, if you do drop a course, you’ll need your advisor’s signature on the Add / Drop form.

4)      Talk to the Financial Aid Office.  Dropping courses can affect your financial aid for the current semester as well as future semesters.  Don’t be blindsided, know what will happen.  Your Advisor can help you contact the Financial Aid Office.

5)      Is there still time to drop?  The Registrar sets dates for adding and dropping courses.  Dropping a course after a certain date will result in an “F” on your transcript.  For a full-term course that date is November 21.  For a full-term online course that date is November 14.  Your advisor should know all the important add / drop dates.