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"Spirit" of Spirit Lake Campus Ghost Story Winner

The Waiting Game
by Zach Westemeyer
            There are many strange beings in our world. For the most part, we are completely unaware of them. Awhile back, I had a very interesting experience with one of these creatures. I had an unfortunate encounter with a Snatcher.

            Snatchers are mysterious creatures that dwell within the shadows. The only thing that was known about them at the time was they thought their lives were a game, which they called “The Waiting Game.”

            One night, I was working late on an assignment in the computer lab of the Spirit Lake campus of the Iowa Lakes Community College, when I had heard the last staff member leaving the building. Apparently they had forgotten I was in the computer lab. I decided that I should probably go home soon, since it was rather creepy being alone in an empty college campus.

            When I tried to exit the building, for some odd reason, the door remained shut. This was different from the door being locked; it felt as if something was leaning against the door to make sure it would stay closed.

            I turned around to see the shadowy figure of a Snatcher. With one mighty swipe of its hand, it knocked me to the ground. My body did not fall with me. The Snatcher entered my body and took control of it. At that moment, I had seen that I had been transformed into a shadowy figure. It then dawned on me that it was my turn to play The Waiting Game.

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