Thursday, November 29, 2012

Academic Toolbox: Stuffing Overflow!

One holiday down; do you feel adequately stuffed?  I am not only talking about stuffed with food, but with family, shopping, decorating, crowds, football—all the details that make Thanksgiving wonderful and also a bit stressful.  Now you’re back to the normal routine, but the stuffing hasn’t gone away.  Much like fat accumulates at the most unwanted parts of our body, so goes the rest of the stuffing in our lives.     

If you feel like you are ready to drown in the stuffing, keep reading!

A few months ago you committed to a semester of classes.  Guess what?  You’ve made it through 14 weeks, and the end of the semester is in sight.  Acknowledge this accomplishment, because many of your peers were not as successful. 

Don’t give up!  I know it’s tempting to let academics slide, especially for holiday festivities and family obligations, but you worked hard to get to this point.  It’s time to prove you’ve mastered the material.  And when you are done, treat yourself to a reward.

  If you feel overwhelmed by the stuffing:

·         Talk to someone—your advisor, your instructor, the staff in the Success Center, friends and family.  Verbalizing your concerns can give you a new perspective and attitude.  It also helps those around you understand why you might be dealing with more stress than usual.

·         Start prepping for finals1, check the finals schedule online  2, ask your instructor about the final.  Will it be multiple choice or an essay?  Will it be comprehensive or only over a few sections?   Visit the Success Center if you want tips on preparing for different types of tests. 3, start studying now.  Even if you are still covering new material, start reviewing old material too. 

·         Say “no” – you will never be able to do everything, no matter how hard you try.  Set your priorities and stick to them. 

·         Share the stuffing – sometimes you can delegate things to others.  It can be hard to give up that control, but if it means you’ll have more time to devote to your priorities, do it.

Remember, you are not alone.  These final weeks of class can be intimidating, but our staff is here to help.  Let us know what you need!