Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Academic Toolbox: Add / Drop Dates and Refund Policy

Before you make a change to your schedule, you should know these dates.  Any full-term, on campus course dropped after January 22, and January 25 for full-term online courses, will result in a "W", which means you "withdrew" from the course.  Remember: there may be financial aid consequences for withdrawing from a course or courses. Talk to your advisor if you have questions.

*This calendar is subject to change. Telecourse, Ed to Go and other special course schedules differ; beginning dates and refund dates vary. Some exceptions are noted above under the Calendar.

*Fast Track course drops are cancelled with refund only before second class meeting starts. No partial refunds are granted on Fast Tracks.

*A student who registers but later is unable to attend must notify the college before the last date to cancel the course(s) or program to avoid charges and/or grades.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Academic Toolbox: Resolutions

It’s a new semester; time to make a resolution about attending class or earning a 4.0 GPA.  If resolutions work for you, go for it.  If they don’t, think about this…

Every day is an opportunity to be a better you.  You don’t need a resolution to decide how you live day-to-day. 

If you want to have better attendance in class, what does that entail?  Getting out of bed every morning for the 7:30 AM class?  Communicating with your employer about the importance of you being in class?  Figuring out your resources for childcare?

If you want to earn a higher GPA, what does that entail?  Giving yourself the time you need to study?  Completing homework assignments and attending a study group or tutor session?  Taking fewer classes, so you can be successful?

The point: whatever your resolution or goal, realize you have to work toward it every day.  If you slip one day or week, you still have all the other days and weeks that follow.  If you miss a day of class, make a special effort to be there the next class day.  If you didn’t get the grade you wanted on your test, figure out what you need to do to improve your score for the next test.